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Production notes May 2018

Production notes May 2018
The original wolf among the weeds. Humulus Lupulus

It’s been a few weeks since I was in Yakima area interviewing Tyler Carpenter at Carpenter Farms for this movie and production notes. That was a great experience. He was very helpful and spent a few hours with me talking about hops, farming and Carpenter Farms. I was shooting as a one man band because well, I could. Wanted to be lean and mean to keep the costs down, I took the mobile one production van and ended up sleeping in it after hanging out at the 617 in Tieton for a glass of wine and some tapas. It was a good trip.

This is the 4th year I’ve been working on this movie. Since I’ve been self funding it, I’ve had friends and co-workers and my employees from my production company come over with me to shoot in Yakima. We all live on “the West side” as they say over in Yakima. It’s about a 3 hour drive from our studio in Everett. During last winter there was quite a bit of snow on Snoqualmie pass, so I didn’t get out there as often as I had in previous years.

Two years ago the snow was deep

Two years ago there was a crap load of snow on the ground when I went over to get some shot in and around Topennish and Brulotte Farms. Now that was a trip. Trudging through the snow out in those fields is quite a surreal experience. It’s very quiet, you can just feel the stillness in the air.

A snow covered field of hops from production notes

In the dead of winter the hops are fast asleep

Production notes help me reflect

In my head, the thought of all those rhizomes sleeping under that snow, just hanging out and resting, just blows me away. They rest until springtime comes along and then they hop to. (no pun intended) Pushing their way out of the ground and their bines spiraling their way up over 14 feet tall and bursting out green fragrant cones of hops under the hot days and cool nights of the Yakima Valley. This is just one of the phenomena I want to explore in “A Wolf Among the Weeds” the feature length documentary I’m making. Check back on these production notes as we have finally got this website up and although we’re still flushing out the story, we’ll have more production notes for you as we heat up the production to try and wrap in the fall.