Making a documentary Production Notes- August 2019

documentary production notes-August 2019. Hops. Stoup Brewing, Bakerbuilt Works
Lara Brad and Robin owners of Stoup Brewing Ballard WA

Making a documentary Production Notes- August 2019
Well, it’s been a long year since I’ve posted something to this blog. To be honest not much has been happening with the film. The summer was fairly busy with other paid work that I have to do to keep funding this film.

We were able to shoot at a Stoup Brewing in Ballard which happens to be co-owned by a couple of women and one of their husbands. They are very knowledgeable about craft beer and in particular hops. I’m actually joining the head brewer, Brad Benson, next week for a trip out to Yakima for a load of fresh Mosaic hops. He’ll rush them back for a batch of fresh hop beer.

We are in the beginning stages of post-production and wow, what an endeavor this is going to be. I’ve enlisted a couple of colleagues to add some perspective and how to tackle the amount of footage we have. There are still a few missing pieces to this puzzle. And I’ll be adding more to Making a documentary Production Notes and time permits and we have something to say. We are trying to get an interview with someone at Yakima Chief Hops, but being harvest time, they’re pretty busy catering to thirsty brewers who swarm all over Yakima this time of year.

In crafting the story around this documentary, I’ve had a few ideas but nothing really popped. Until now. Like any good story, there needs to be some conflict, a journey, and a resolution. I’m still working to uncover the conflict. Whether it’s a finicky market, over saturation of craft beer, a flood of hops and hops products in the market, or even mother nature. Any of these things could negatively impact the hop industry in a big way. Stay tuned to these documentary productions notes As we wrap up the production of Hops, the movie, hopefully, I’ll find the thread that binds this amazing adventure together. Check out another post here.