Hopped Up documentary poster
A feature-length documentary by Daniel A. Cardenas

“Hopped Up” is a feature-length documentary film about hops and craft beer. Posing the question did craft beer change Yakima or did Yakima change craft beer? That’s the question director/producer Daniel A. Cardenas set out to answer in “Hopped Up”

Daniel A. Cardenas, documentary filmmaker

Sitting in a hop field at Brulotte Farms reviewing an image in April 2014


Released in October 2021, Hopped Up won “Best Northwest Documentary” and “Best Feature Documentary” at the 2021  Ellensburg Film Festival, which started over 15 years ago.

With proximity to the Yakima Valley, the production took Cardenas to Yakima over 10 times. Furthermore, the film also travels to Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Missoula, Montana, St Petersburg, FL, and throughout WA state.

Interviews with hop farmers, breeders, sellers, brewers, and experts in the industry help tell the story.

Shooting on location a local Seattle brewery

Daniel A. Cardenas shooting Hops Doc