Humulus lupulus var. Neomexicanus
Humulus lupulus var. Neomexicanus

Hopped Up documentary

“Hopped Up” is a feature-length (94 min.) documentary about how Yakima Valley hops changed craft beer forever. It’s a story of hard work, toil, and year-to-year persistence. This has fueled innovation from hop farmers and brewers for up to 6 generations. This is also a story of craft beer in America. With its credo of using the best quality ingredients, craft brewers create a huge variety of beers for a thirsty craft beer-drinking public. Check out the trailer.

Over 5 years in production

Hopped Up was shot over 5 years. It follows the hop cycle from dormant fields covered in snow to the round-the-clock scurry of activity during the fall harvest. Additionally, it delves deeply into the technology of breeding hops. From the lucrative private breeders to the fledgling USDA public breeding program. Could this golden age of hops and craft beer be in peril? From overproduction to climate change and a tightening supply of immigrant workers. The industry is ripe for change. Can it sustain itself for another 100 years?

With interviews with farmers, hop distributors, beer culture notables, and craft beer industry experts, this documentary paints a detailed and complex story of craft beer. The hottest drink sensation that’s taking over the world one IPA beer at a time. This story travels from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, the birthplace of modern hops. to the grain fields of the Skagit Valley. We are up in Washington’s Yakima Valley, the largest producer of Hops in America.

The team

The production team from Bakerbuilt Works of Everett, WA, under the direction of Daniel A. Cardenas, follows this story on the road throughout the Northwest and even to the holy grail of the craft beer movement, the Fresh Hop Ale Festival in Yakima, WA. Edited by Tony Capelli and Daniel A. Cardenas with music by Easton Everett and Mark Cardenas, shot by Randall Peck, Daniel A. Cardenas, and Steven Bradford. Story by Daniel A. Cardenas and Tony Capelli.